Want to create a guided meditation recording and need royalty free meditation music to bring it to life? Christopher Lloyd Clarke’s music can be used for this purpose provided that you purchase it with the appropriate license. Please allow me to briefly explain this concept.

Royalty free music licensing

Royalty free music licensing is the simplest form of music licensing as it allows you to use Christopher’s music without paying any ongoing royalties. You simply pay a one-time licensing fee and then you can use his music to create, sell or share as many spoken word recordings and videos as you like.

There are many websites that sell Christopher’s music, but only Enlightened Audio is authorized to sell his music with a royalty free license.

As you might expect, it costs more to purchase royalty free meditation music than it does to purchase unlicensed music from a source like Amazon for example. The reason for this is that the music price of the music includes a one-time licensing fee that give you legal permission to use Christopher’s music for commercial purposes. The good news is that these licensing costs are a tiny fraction of what it would cost for you to hire a composer to create original music for you from scratch.

If you have never created a recording of your own before and if you are not accustomed to the concept of of music licensing, please do visit Enlightened Audio and reach out to them for support. Music licensing is quite a simple concept but if you need some general advice or support then the small but dedicated team at Enlightened Audio will be more than happy to help you. They specialise in assisting therapists and healers to create their own audio and video productions, and they have lots of experience helping first timers.

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