Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Christopher Lloyd Clarke, B.SC, MSC.D

In just a few words

From his studio in Apollo Bay on the southern coast of Australia, Christopher creates beautiful, meditative music that helps people relax, heal and find stillness in everyday life.  We think he is best summed up as:

  • A peace loving Australian with a great sense of humour.
  • A devoted musician who loves making music that helps people find inner peace.
  • A 6′ 3″ tall, bald-headed science geek with an educational background in biology, metaphysics and audio production.
  • A big-hearted spiritual guy who has been practicing meditation daily since 1997.

Christopher’s music has been used by tens of thousands of professional meditation teachers, holistic healers, wellness centres and mental health professionals. You’ll come across his music in the background of countless guided meditation and hypnosis recordings, and also in some of the most popular apps for relaxation and meditation.

Where it all began

Christopher has been creating music since 1997. Coincidentally this was the same year that he also began to practice meditation. Meditation and music composition quickly became two of the most integral aspects of Christopher’s life, each activity complementing the other synergistically.

Over the years, Christopher’s experience with meditation coupled with his ongoing involvement with a global network of healers and therapists has given him a very deep insight into how to create music that encourages deep relaxation and natural healing.

Healing around the world

Through his music licensing company, Enlightened Audio, Christopher collaborates with  professional meditation teachers, therapists and healers around the world, providing them with background music to create recordings and videos that help people with stress relief, natural healing, spiritual growth, mental health and so on. It is through this type of collaboration that Christopher’s music has had the greatest impact. In his own words…

“I feel that I’m best able to serve my purpose as a musician and sound healer by licensing my music directly to people who can use it to assist others. This gives me a deep sense of purpose and integrity in what I do. Knowing that my music is used to help relax, heal and support people, some of whom are facing extraordinarily difficult times, drives me to put my heart and soul into every music composition I release. These aren’t just mere words. When someone tells you that your music helped save them from suicide or that it helped them through a period of terrible illness it’s very moving and it changes your attitude to your work completely.”

Christopher’s music is also utilised by many healing and health care organisations. Here are just a few examples of how his music plays a special role in helping people:

  • Some army bases use Christopher’s music to help treat soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.
  • Some schools use Christopher’s music during inter-class meditation sessions to help their students relax and focus.
  • Some oncology centres use Christopher’s music to assist patients with pain relief and general comfort during chemotherapy treatments.
  • There are prison rehabilitation services that use Christopher’s music during relaxation exercises and counselling sessions for inmates.
  • Some hypnobirthing practitioners play Christopher’s music while supervising childbirth. Not only is this soothing for the mother, it also means that the first thing newborns hear when they arrive on planet Earth is Christopher’s music! Awesome!


Christopher holds degrees in biological science and metaphysical science and also has many years of informal education in disciplines such as psychoacoustics, music therapy and sound production. He has considerable personal experience with meditation, hypnosis and other altered states of consciousness and has a wide ranging knowledge of both traditional and alternative healing modalities.

Personal life

Christopher lives in Apollo Bay, a beautiful holiday location on the southern coast of Australia. He loves spending time in nature, gardening, surfing and eating more ice cream than he should. Inner peace is one of his highest priorities, and so he lives a particularly quiet life with plenty of time devoted to meditation and relaxation. He is very fond of afternoon naps and he feels very, very lucky to be able to do what he loves for a living – making beautiful music that helps people to live happier, healthier, more peaceful lives.

Christopher Lloyd Clarke in the Forest