A simple explanation of what royalty free hypnosis music is, and how to get a license to use Christopher’s music.

One of the most regular inquiries we receive comes from professional hypnotherapists who ask for permission to use Christopher’s relaxation music in the background music of their hypnosis recordings, and also during live consultations with patients.

Obviously, Christopher’s music is extremely well suited to this purpose, and so back in 2010 he established a music licensing company called “Enlightened Audio” in an effort to streamline the process of providing legal permission to use his music. Enlightened Audio grew to become the world’s most respected source of background music for hypnosis and meditation recordings, and is the primary focus of Christopher’s work as a composer today.

Enlightened Audio is the only website to offer Christopher’s music with a royalty free license.

Royalty free hypnosis music licensing

“Royalty Free” simply means, “Free from royalties”. In other words, once you purchase some royalty free music, you can use it to create your own hypnosis recordings without having to pay any royalties in the future. You could sell a million copies of your hypnosis recording, but the only fee you would ever have to pay is a single up-front payment for the music itself.

Royalty free hypnosis music is always priced higher than typical, unlicensed music. That’s because the cost takes into account the fact that you will be using the music for commercial purposes, rather than simply listening to it for your own personal enjoyment.

Royalty free licensing is the simplest form of music licensing and it’s very much a win-win arrangement. Christopher receives a reasonable fee for giving you the right to use his music, and you obtain a license that allows you to use his beautiful creations to create and sell an unlimited number of hypnosis recordings and videos.

If you have more questions about royalty free music licensing, please be sure to contact Enlightened Audio for friendly help and advice. They are very experienced in helping hypnotherapists and quite often Christopher will answer your inquiries in person.

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